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Sarah Cheesbrough Photographer

I am a London-based documentary and wildlife photographer. For more than twenty years I have worked for clients such as British Airways Highlife magazine, All Nippon Airlines, the British Tourist Authorities, Eden Renewables solar energy, record companies and many private individuals. Recently I have also completed several book projects on subjects that are close to my heart - the wonders of urban nature, African and Asian elephants and the Buddhist monks of Luang Prabang. In 2017, my book, In Buddha's Garden, was selected by the Lao National Commission to UNESCO as the gift to fellow delegates at the 34th International UNESCO Conference in Paris. My latest book, Wild Neighbours: Portraits of London's Magnificent Creatures (see next page) came out during the Lockdown of Spring 2020 and was featured on BBC London News.

Photography has the power to open our eyes and hearts and remind us of the magic and beauty that’s all around us. It can change minds, catalyse right action. My philosophy about the crisis facing humanity regarding the natural world is a simple one… In order to save nature we must first fall in love with nature. The subjects of my photographs, through revealing their essence, gently invite you do just this...




“Magnifique, superb.”

Rik Gadella, Founder and former Director of Paris Photo


“Sarah takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. She’s a true artist.”

Martin Turner, BBC World Service


“Exploring with your eyes for the first time.”

Alex Winkworth

For all opportunities, please email me:

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